Sunday, 15 May 2011

Owl & Pussycat

I've been doing a short course about children's book illustration.
This week we painted a watercolour picture from The Owl and the Pussycat
(or else our own story).  I did the bit where they danced by the
light of the moon.

I'm pretty new to watercolour so I learnt some new techniques.
One was to use a candle to make the stripes on a cat.
The other was to use a dip pen to do the outlines because you can
do it wet-on-wet to make it go fuzzy.  So that was fun and
I'm pretty happy with it.  I'm not sure now whether I want to do
the rest of the story now or else do my own (a love story between traffic signals).


  1. Speaking of that, did you see this?

  2. No I didn't. Thanks for the link! I never really believed an owl and a pussycat could be friends before. :)

  3. Now it's all I think about, you never know who's secretly friends when no-one's looking.

    I'm holding out hope for lions and sheep.

  4. lovely. There is something soft and wistful about your work